Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pia Toscano and Jared Lee Kick Stageit Up A Notch

OK, so, I've admittedly only seen four Stageit shows in my life, but in my limited experience it's always been a very informal show done in a family room setting. Enjoyably intimate, but little more than a glorified pay-per-view Ustream or Skype session, and can sometimes feel like a money grab for artists who hardly bother to prepare for the show.

This was certainly not the case with Pia Toscano and Jared Lee's Stageit show on June 27th. To their credit, they made the paying customers feel they were tuning into a top quality, professionally executed, well rehearsed performance. With a stage set, mic stands, keyboard and guitarist, tipping fans were rewarded with the perfect combination of good music and playful, witty banter.

The song list was a nice mix of their own individual past music, duets, and a brand new song they co-wrote together, Heaven On Fire, that's subsequently received a lot of positive buzz.

Jared Lee is an artist I only became familiar with because of his connection to Pia (whom I've loved since her run on Season 10 of American Idol).  He's got a wonderfully witty, dry sense of humor that cracks me up, and a great chemistry with Pia. I was very impressed by his acoustic performance of his original song It's Over (Goodbye), and thought that was one of the highlights of the night.

Probably my favorite performance, though, was Pia's killer acoustic version of her single This Time. To be honest, I actually thought her studio version was pretty forgettable, but stripped down to just the organic sound of Pia's voice with an acoustic guitar really brought it to life. I absolutely loved her sultry tone, and she seemed to infuse the song with a little extra confidence and edge. Basically, she fucking KILLED it.

Pia, you make that baby available unplugged and I'll be first in line to download it.

Of course, nothing could outdo Pia's sexilarious booty dance. She could barely hold back the laughter long enough to get through it, which was really cute, and joked about not thinking it would be hot, but come on...this is Pia Toscano, damn it! She's hotter than the sun when lounging on the couch drinking beer and watching football [No, I do not have confirmation she actually does this, but I say she does, and it's my blog, so deal!]

Again, just to make sure this important matter is properly clarified for the lowest IQ readers. Pia booty dance = HOT!

Most significantly, I want to give major props to Pia and Jared for doing their best show possible. Fans know when the celeb doesn't have their heart in it, but clearly these two cared, they made the extra effort, and as a result their fans can feel good knowing their commitment was reciprocated.

Cheers, guys!

Poo out.