Friday, April 11, 2014

Poo's Idol Meusing

Been awhile since I've posted, but I feel like it now so just back the fuck off, man!! Give me a break. I don't work for you, asshole!

Ok, ok, I'm calm. Just hate it when imaginary people give me imaginary shit, causing me to satirically blow my stack. 

Anyway, Idol is heading into the home stretch, and this week they are having contestants choose each other's songs. I like this idea. In fact, so much so I'll post what they should be sangin.

Below are Poo's picks in no particular order. Well, the part about Jessica beng first is particular order. I'm all in for this girl. Love her whole everything. The rest, however, are in no particular order. 

Jessica - What Have I Done:

Caleb - Hot Summer Night:

Alex -  Man Who Can't Be Moved:

Jena - Paradise City:

Dexter - Toes:

What say you?

Poo out.