Monday, December 17, 2012

Sandy Hook Aftermath: It's The Ammo, Stupid!

The Sandy Hook massacre, coming just 6 months after the Aurora massacre, has left this country deeply shaken. Being a conservative (or, if you happen to be liberal, a radical right wing extremist who encourages hate against minorities, increasing income disparity between rich and poor, choking the planet with carbon dioxide gas, and torturing cute, furry animals for sadistic pleasure), I am reluctant to embrace knee-jerk reactions to revoke individual freedoms, including the right to bear arms - even though I have no intentions of ever personally owning a gun.

Nonetheless, I happen to have a soft spot for trying to prevent massacres, particularly of children who are the exact same age as my own. After thinking long and hard about what happened, and what could be done in the future to prevent it, I have come to a conclusion: the problem is not so much with our gun control laws (though they should be stiffened and include banning gun shows that allow unmonitored gun trafficking), it's that we need more armed security in this country, and, most importantly, we need much, much stricter ammunition control  laws.

As it stands, you could go online right now and literally order thousands of rounds of ammunition sight unseen. This is fucking insane. How can we require guns to be registered, but not require ammunition to be   to be matched with a legally registered weapon before it can be purchased? Also, how can we not have quantity limits?

Look, no matter how hard we try, a fucking sociopath can always acquire a firearm unlawfully. Hell, look how easy it is to get weed illegally? A prostitute? Face it, there is always gonna be illegal access even if we regulate as much as reasonably possible. No matter how tight we try and limit it to responsible people, we will still have scumbags getting their murderous mitts on guns illegally if they are so inclined.

The problem is, the killer can then LEGALLY purchase a virtually unlimited amount of ammo for that weapon without any questions. No need to justify why you may need enough firepower to take out a movie theater or a school, just give us a credit card and the ammo is all yours. Thank you, and have a great day.


How can we be so stupid and reckless?  Ummmm...let's wake the hell up, America. Stop solely focusing on preventing the reckless distribution of guns, and start paying attention to the ammo elephant in the room. A single piece can always be easy to acquire illegally, but acquiring 6,000 rounds of deadly, automatic magazines might be a little tougher to come by on the street if we had regulation.

Anyway, in addition to that, we need to have better security. In Israel, they have checkpoints and armed guards everywhere, and the Islamic terrorist filth never are able to get their hands on the children in the schools as a result. It's critical we do the same here. We must have armed guards in all schools, especially at the entrance to the building, and without authorization nobody gets through the door.

Oh, and money is not an argument. We have a government that shits out money like they've got dysentery, so assign enough to secure our children's schools as priority number one.

In fact, assign them to malls and other public places where people congregate. Knowing trained officers are on site with deadly force certainly discourages any sociopathic ideas from sexual predators and violent criminals.

Anyway, sorry I ranted, but I was really stricken hard by the massacre in Newtown and this is how Kenny Poo see's it. What say you?

~Kenny Poo


  1. Great perspective, Kenny. Nobody is discussing the ammo problem, and it's really the primary issue. Also, who better to learn from about security than Israel? Arabs would murder schools of Jewish children everyday if given the chance, but they can't. Israel has a system that works, and no reason we can't do that here, too.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Tom! Glad we agree.

  3. Kenny I Agree 100% About Security And Armed Security To Be At Our Schools Until The Gun Laws Take Effect. Japan Has Hardly Any Gun Problems In A Huge Country Only 11 Deaths Last Year By Gun. We Have Schools With Lots Of Teachers But No armed Security To Protect The Teachers And Kids. It Is Worth Every Penny To Do So. May The Politicians WAKE UP & DO THEIR JOBS

  4. Oh I dunno. One bullet, 100 bullets. One kid, 20 kids what does it matter? I'd much rather the one didn't get blown to bits - one's already too much for me.

    All this NRA talk, like they are to be consulted. I figure if they want any say, they need to control their minions which also include all crazies whose rights they hold so dear. If the NRA would agree to giving up a random one of thiers for every one of our innocent's shot, then we'd be on to something. I'd think that the NRA gunners would be a little more into policing guns, ya know? Especially since any and all owners who are not first-responders, could have to take one for the team. Just an idea since the NRA is talking crazy, why can't we talk crazy and consider just about anything?? I mean they do want to help, don't they?


    1. IceVodka, that comment was such unintelligible nonsense I can only presume you hit the vodka extra hard today before typing. lol

  5. The NRA sounds that crazy to me. See, you agree. My post IS absolutely crazy, to make a point - to talk on their level, we'd all be just as nuts.

    Explain the ammo thing to me, what does it matter how much ammo. One child's death is enough.

    Federal laws will be passed to remove any ill-perceived rights the NRA thinks it owns. All the NRA is about is dirty money. And no, they aren't just a bunch of nice guys going hunting on weekends.