Monday, August 19, 2013

Haley Poo Has Her Cake and Eats It Too in Vegas

Haley Moanin', Scattin' and Growlin' at the Cosmo

My sultry, sassy, sweet and sexy vixen Haley Reinhart took residency at the Cosmo in Las Vegas this weekend, and once again reminded the entire free world that Kenny Poo is right and everyone who doubts him is wrong.

Yes, as anyone who knows me will surely attest, it's long been my contention that Haley is a jazz/blues singing prodigy, and awaiting her is a legendary career in that genre if she'd only embrace it. Of course, to do that she'd have to go against the wishes of her official handlers, managers, advisers, lawyers, agents, publishers, teen fans, and likely herself, too.

You see, my lovely Haley is a free spirit by nature, and prefers to keep all her options open. Dabble here and there in multiple genres, but never commit to any one lane. A little classic rock, a little girl-group Motown, a little disco, a little jazz, a little blues, a little pop, a little funk, a little urban, a little EDM, a little soul, so don't think for a moment she'll commit too deeply to any one genre or sound, bucko.

Haley don't play that game.

Frustrating as that may be for an arrogant, pompous, know-it-all-blowhard like myself, who can't resist thinking I know what's better for Haley than she does herself, I've learned to make peace with the fact that Haley will be Haley, and that's that. Trying to change her natural inclination to play the field is a waste of time and energy, and would only make her feel stifled. I now fully accept and appreciate her for who she is, and not who I absolutely know she should be, damn it!!

OK, so I still need to work on it a little.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the Haley jazztastic brilliance that was fully on display at the shimmering Cosmo Chandelier Room. She and her maestro pianist, Keith Phelps (who recently dropped his own cool as hell album, Phriday Mixtape), demonstrated for the 2nd year in a row that in a swank jazz setting there ain't nobody who can compare to their musical talent and chemistry.

Mind you, I know this not because I was there physically, but because of the fantastic videos, photos, vines and personal interaction accounts with Haley that were posted all over electronic media, be it YouTube, message boards, instagram, twitter, tumblr and vine, by her most devoted groupies. Some of these folks have traveled to every significant show she's gigged stateside since her run on Idol ended back in 2011. They certainly have my thanks (make that a standing ovation) for providing this window into Haley world, and I recommend strongly you check it all out if you haven't already.

To briefly summarize, Haley performed a large mix of jazz and blues standards, originals from her very well received debut album Listen Up!, classic covers from her time on Idol, a couple fun cover songs from the 70's, and a new song she debuted the week before at Universal City Walk with Casey Abrams called "My Cake", which is a wonderfully sexy, funky, jazz/blues number with a catchy hook and an infectious groove.

I think it's a great song for her in every way, filled with sass, sex appeal, and Haley's favorite recurring theme of playing the field with girl power. It feels like a Haley song, so I hope it gets recorded and finds its way onto iTunes sooner rather than later. I especially loved the City Walk version, as it had a really organic sound with kickin' backup vocals and rhythm guitar from her musical beau Casey.

I've included the City Walk version of "Cake" below (the Cosmo version not available yet as of this typing). Check it out, and let me know if you agree with me that it's a great music lane for Haley. She's still an independent girl, free of any label interference, and songs like this will hopefully attract the attention of a record company that's big enough to fund and promote her next album, but small enough to give her the personal attention and guidance she needs to get to the next level in her career.

Cheers, Haley, on a weekend in which you sang beautifully, and also made time to show some love for your dedicated "Haliens" who came from far and wide to see you and your shows.

Poo out.


  1. Great post as usual, Mr. Poo!! Not really followed Haley much since Idol, but she should listen to you and do the jazz and blues route. So much talent singing those songs. Love her new My Cake song, too!

  2. Thanks! I absolutely LOVE My Cake. Really hope it gets released to iTunes soon. Haley is perfectly in her element as the seductive blues siren.

  3. Sorry, but like nobody lisens to jazz music under 50. how can you people think that's good for her? she needs to get away from the jazz or blues (or whatev u call it) and get going on a pop album. Cake is a good song and all, but NO radio will play music like that except old fart radio stations that noibody cares about. you might not like it, but she sold almost no albums and got dropped becauser she tried to make old music and it totally didn't work. she should put out something more her age and fun that people under 25 can dance to.

    1. I know you're probably just a young teen, but you should understand that they do award Grammys and sellout nationwide tours for top jazz/blues artists. In fact, Haley already gigged Carnegie Hall because of her wonderful jazz & blues chops.

      They also really do play jazz/blues influenced music like CAKE on the radio, though maybe not on your Top 40 radio station. Check out a few other stations and you'll hear a variety of different styles and sounds.

      I wouldn't expect your HS friends to know about genres beyond electronic dance pop, nor should they be expected to, but there is a whole world of music out there you know nothing about. Don't be too quick to dismiss it.

  4. Hey Kenny Poo. Great column as usual. I agree with you---Haley has an amazing jazz/blues future--when she wants it, but she is only 22, almost 23, so I say let her try what she wants. I love that she mixes up genres which makes her so original and unique and interesting. But one of these days, she will put out a Norah Jones jazzy CD and she will knock it out of the park. For sure...