Friday, March 4, 2016

#NeverTrump, #Rubio2016, #HaleyAlways

Yes, I realized I haven't posted in forever. Yes, I know this blog has typically been devoted to my favorite American Idol alums. Yes, I get that Haley Reinhart is a knockout. Yes, I love her seductive voice. Yes, she has a new album called "Better" coming out soon. Yes, I posted a picture of her below because I want to look at her while I type. Yes, I have digressed, but I have no regrets.

Anyway, on to the main point. I can't stand Donald Trump.

Really. I mean, I hate the guy, Detest the guy. Loathe the guy. Abhor the guy. Will never vote for the guy. Never, ever, ever, ever, never.


It's utterly insane to see this petulant, certifiably insane billionaire, who inherited hundreds of millions of dollars from his daddy, and has used that money to scam ordinary people, bully old ladies, buy political favors, and become a media whore with a bullshit celebrity reality TV show, is the GOP front runner.

Look, I've been Republican for nearly my entire adult life. I've had to hold my nose and vote for "lesser evil" candidates I didn't care for more times than I want to admit (see: Mitt Romney, John McCain, Bob Dole). In politics, that's typically how it goes.

Not this year. Trump is a bridge too far.

It's hard to imagine how such an uninformed ignoramus could get to this point. He knows absolutely nothing about the economy, foreign policy, social issues, taxes, trade, health care...need I go on?

His campaign is a mixture of "America First" protectionism and Jerry Springer ad hominem. He's leveraged his TV fame to con well intended (but woefully gullible) Americans to believe he's the savior they've been waiting for to shake down Washington's inept, corrupt political class and fix the our problems.

He does this with incessant screams, insults, threats, bombast and hyperbole under a crude, twisted pretext of patriotism. His political enemies, real or imagined, are smashed with the hammer of xenophobia enabled by an unprecedented media bully pulpit.

His flock follows him unconditionally. Policies are non-existent, as is a single shred of human

decency, but who cares? He's a pissed off celebrity billionaire, and that trumps everything if you're Trump.

He supported and donated to every Democrat, including Hilary Clinton, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi? So what! It was payola to get get special favors, so it's all good. Gotta respect such a transparent lack of ethics and principle. He can't be bought, because he does the buying!

Evangelicals, who back in the 80's launched the Reagan Revolution as the Moral Majority, and  proudly wear the label of "Values Voters" and the "Religious Right", have appsrently decided to burn their bibles at the altar of Pagan Trump.

Why? Because despite his history of scamming, lying, cheating stealing, and supporting every value and organization they oppose, they have a blind messianic belief that he'll "Make America Great Again".

At one time, evangelicals held their candidates to the strictest of moral codes. Not sufficiently pro-life? Buh-bye. Adultery? Gone.

Now? A thrice married, pro-Planned Parenthood conman, who proudly references his adulterous conquests, and brags about his dick size and how he could make Mitt Romney get on his knees and blow him if he wanted, is their Chosen One.

I also have Jewish friends utterly undeterred by his rabid White Supremacist following. Have a David Duke endorsement, Louis Farakhan endorsement, and show reluctance to denounce them in kind? No problem. All they know is that he will "build a wall" and "Make America Great".  After all, Trump knows best.

Trump does not have a single policy that explains how he'll "Make America Great", just the unsubstantiated belief  he must know what he's doing....afterall, he's a rich and famous celebrity!

It says a lot about how desperate and pathetic the State of The Union has become. The past eight years, liberals were conned by Obama, thinking he was the messiah who would make sure they didn't have to worry about paying for gas or their mortgage, gullible voters on the left just bent over and took it. Most still would bend over and vote for it again if Obama could go a 3rd term.

Hopelessly blind belief in a charismatic leader who will deliver a Utopian world is not a knew phenomenon.  History is littered with false messiahs for a reason: People are lemmings.

Now, Trump has the conservative electorate on their knees ready to service him with the same blind loyalty liberals had in Obama messiah.

Suffice to say, I'm pretty disgusted rightt now with the cult mentality of the Trump Chumps. So naive, so gullible, and so lacking in common sense. When you stop thinking for yourself you cease being free, and that's what's happening. They just want Trump to think for them because thinking for themselves is too confusing.

Thus, my support is for Marco Rubio. I give tremendous credit for leading the charge to expose the fraud that both Trump and the Utopian Democrat candidates truly are. It took stones, and he showed he's got a pair.

Add to that, Marco is funny, brings serious policy depth, is youthful, understands the real life struggles of first generation Americans, and is the kind of positive messenger we need to unify the country. He's conservative, but also pragmatic when necessary.

I respect his vision, and hope somehow, someway, before we sell the nation out again to another huckster making false promises, that we somehow manage to get it right this time. I know I'll do my part.

#NeverTrump, #Rubio2016 

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