Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Honey, I'm Home!

No matter how nice the vacation may be, it's always so nice to be home again. We had a great 10 days away visiting my Buffalo family, and, despite warnings that two driving days each way with the kiddies would drive us insane, it was actually a very enjoyable and relaxing drive with some spectacular scenery..

As far as the time in WNY, it had far less family drama than I feared (thank God). We always love spending time up at my mother's home in Wilson overlooking Lake Ontario, and on this trip we also split time at my sister's home in Amherst where the kiddies all played and slept together for a couple days. 

Highlight of the trip: Going to a Buffalo Bills preseason game at Ralph Wilson Stadium. The wife and kids got their first opportunity to see my hometown house-of-worship in all its drinking, grilling, tailgating glory. Game itself sucked, but being surrounded by about 50k other drunk Buffalo fans was priceless, and an invaluable lesson to my children on how to live a meaningful life.

Lowlight of the trip: The drive home from the stadium. I gave the keys to my wife since I was roughly 50x over the legal limit, and "shockingly" got in a fight with her over how she was driving. I thought she wasn't merging into traffic properly, a profanity laced screaming match ensued, and I (of course) ended up having to apologize for drunken overreacting when we got back. Actually, since this was the only time we got into an argument over the entire 10-day span I'd say we did pretty damn well!

Best Souvenir: The beer in  Buffalo is incredibly cheap and good, so I brought back a case of Molson XXX (7.3%) and a case of OV (Old Vienna), neither of which is available in South Florida.

Most Played Music: Joss Stone (Soul Sessions #2), John Mayer (Born and Raised), Crystal Bowersox (Idol Collection, Farmer's Daughter, Once Upon a Time) Haley Reinhart (Idol Collection, Listen Up!), Casey Abrams (Casey Abrams), Allman Brothers (Greatest Hits), James Taylor (Greatest Hits), John Coltrane (Lush Life), Neil Diamond (Greatest Hits), Jimmy Buffett (entire collection), Adele (21), Rene Marie (Black Laced Freudian Slip, Vertigo), Keith Whitley (Greatest Hits), Phillip Phillips (Idol Collection), Zac Brown (Foundation) and The Doors (Greatest Hits).

The Diet. Obviously, I wasn't gonna lose any weight on this trip, but I was thrilled to see I only put on 3lbs (now 230lbs). With the ridonkulous amount of booze and fattening food I consumed on this journey I had budgeted a 7lb gain, so this is really a pretty big win for me. Now, I'm back on the diet again and loading up for the big push to 199lbs.

OK, back to work now, peeps...

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