Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pia Performs! Well, it's about Time After Time

It's been way too long since we've heard one of Kenny Poo's favorite babes, Pia Toscano, sing anything besides the Star Spangled Banner, so as you can imagine I couldn't wait to check out the raven haired beauty's recent guest appearance in the Viper Room with longtime friend and recording artist Jared Lee.

She didn't disappoint!

After a very warm, heartfelt intro by Jared, Pia came out with a shy smile, said thank you and started right in with Cindy Lauper's Time After Time (Pia clearly likes songs about Time). I was wondering if she might have to shake off a huge mound of rust from being locked in Interscope's dungeon for the past year, but as soon as the beautiful voice got started it was clear she was right back on the saddle again without a hitch.

Anyway, the two of them really sounded great together, and Pia only grew more confident as the song went on. It's a beautiful duet, and the reviews online have all been stellar. By the end, it appeared the little taste of performing had Pia chomping at the bit to just dive into a big, long set, but, alas, not This Time (pun intended).

So, hopefully with the buzz of a new movie coming (Grace Unplugged), and possibly an appearance or two on Glee, Pia might just get her long awaited album released after all. At least let's hope so!

Check out the beautiful duet for yourself below, and let me know your thoughts!


  1. Ah Kenny Poo- you didn't fail to disappoint either with this wonderful review of my darling Pia.

    Pia and Jared totally blew me away with the beauty of that performance. I've been watching it "Time After Time" ;)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, you can see they really have a good musical chemistry. Wouldn't mind seeing them perform more duets in the future. :)