Friday, August 3, 2012

UPDATE! Haley Reinhart RAPPED Lollapalooza!

CORRECTION: Initial reports on twitter had Haley announcing Oh My! was her next single. These were incorrect. Haley actually said she HOPES Oh My! becomes her next single, which means my dream of Spiderweb is still alive!

BTW, I saw her rap and it was very cute! Obviously she's not  gonna make a career out of it, but I give her huge props for having the stones to get up there and let it fly. One of the things I love about her is her willingness to take risks, and she got some nice press for it. Good on you, Haley!


Reports are in, and apparently Haley killed Lolla! Set list is incredible! Haley herself rapped the BoB part of Oh My!. How fucking hot is that? She also announced that Oh My! would indeed be her next single, which I'm cool with knowing she can promote it by performing the rap herself.

Also, the song that's gonna be the death of me, Spiderweb. Damn, I get wood just thinking about Haley rocking that killer tune. I'm absolutely aching inside that I couldn't have been there, but divorce, death and dismemberment awaited if I did.

Actually, seems like a small price to pay in retrospect.

Here's the set list. Still no vids as of this typing.

1. Wasted Tears
2. Hit The Ground Running
3. Free
4. Walking On Heaven
5. Oh My!
6. Spiderweb
7. Keep Coming Back
8. House Of The Rising Sun

~Kenny Poo


It's Lollapalooza time!

Very excited that my twitter girlfriend Haley Reinhart will be jumping onto the biggest live stage of her career today, and one that's about as far away from the Idol bubble as an artist can possible get. There will be over 5 bazillion young people (half a gazillion) festing about, and I venture to guess that 90% of them have never heard of Haley Reinhart, so this is the ultimate showcase for her post-Idol career.

I have absolutely no doubt that she'll crush it.

Haley will be given a side stage, and won't be featured on the official Lolla video stream, but I think that's probably a good thing. Let her sneak up on attendees as a hot new artist creating an undercurrent of buzz instead of getting badmouthed as some American Idol chick receiving preferential treatment.

Her set will be 50 minutes long, and will feature her full band PLUS family! Perhaps they'll bust out "I Woke Up In Love This Morning" by the Partridge Family? Ha! Maybe not, but I actually think that would be a great idea sometime.

Anyway, with 50 minutes of stage time Haley should be able to rock out 8-10 songs, and rumored to be included in that list is "Spiderweb" (co-written and produced by David Hodges). As many of you already know, I'm completely addicted to that song, and pray Interscope shocks the world by releasing it as her next single. This will be the first time she's performed it live, and it's perfect for Lolla's rocker crowd.

One of the big questions regarding her set list is whether "Oh My!(feat. Bob)" will be included. She's never performed it live before, and BoB is scheduled for Lolla, so there is a possibility this could happen. Rumors have been mixed on the possibilities, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

So, in closing, allow me to wish the hot, sexy, awesome, incredible, fantastic, golden-voiced goddess the best of success today. I'll most definitely be cheering you on from afar, babay!!!

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