Sunday, November 4, 2012

Closest To The Presidential Pin

Let's have a little fun on election night! Tell me who you think will win the presidential election, and with how many electoral votes, and you could win the honor of being praised in a featured post by Kenny Poo!

So you know, I'm a Republican and am voting for Romney, but I have as many liberal friends as conservative and am not interested in fighting a political war. This is strictly for enjoyment to see who can give the best prediction.

The winner will be announced the morning after the election. To participate, please give your prediction in the comment section, and make sure to include your username. No anonymous picks will be accepted.

Now, allow me to go first. 

Kenny Poo: Romney 305 - 233

Summary: I believe Romney's advantage with independents and economy-first voters, plus a substantial receding of Obama's 2008 turnout tsunami, will be enough to send Mr. Romney to a close but decisive victory. I see PA very vulnerable to tilt Romney due to Obama's environmentalist policies threatening the coal industry. WI is almost always a very competitive state, and I see enough boost from Ryan being on the ticket to push it over the top for Romney.

Click here to see my full electoral map prediction. Share with me yours!

 ~Kenny Poo


  1. I think u biased 4 Romney. Obama lead all polls I see. I say Obama win by a lot. 315-223

    1. Thanks for participating, Tina. Your vote has been counted. :)

  2. Here is my prediction! I believe POTUS has a slight lead in both CO and VA but my prediction is VA goes blue and CO goes red! 294-244

  3. Renda is in the house, and her vote is counted!

  4. Fun Fun! I say Its Romney and Kenny Poo is probably right on, but I will go with 289-249.

  5. Take the 269-269 map you posted earlier on Twitter and give Romney Virgina and give Ohio and Wisconsin to Obama. The result is a 284-254 Obama win.

  6. Gotcha, Tammy. Gotcha, Andy. Should be fun to see how it turns out. Results could be anything from an electoral landslide for either candidate to a tie, but either way there should be close to a 50-49 popular vote. All depends on how it breaks. What a crazy election year.

  7. Romney is gonna crush Nobama. Turnout is gonna be shit this time around for President Food Stamps. 315-323.

  8. Jerry, thanks for the comment. While we agree politically, be careful not to make this a slam the other side thread. I want this to be fun for everyone.

  9. Congrats to Tina on winning the contest! She had 315 Obama, and after FL is officially called later today it will finish 332 Obama.