Monday, November 12, 2012

Jermaine Paul: "I Believe In This Life"

The Voice Season 2 champion Jermaine Paul has released his debut single, "I Believe In This Life".  On the show, I thought he was a weak vocalist who won based on popularity/image rather than talent.  He warbled thru tired ballads, showed no originality, and had no musical identity to make me think he had a chance to outperform the dreadful post-Voice sales of Season 1 champ Javier Colon.

Well, Jermaine's embarrassingly cheesy, auto-tuned, generic House Music single only further reinforced my opinion.

While Colon may have delivered an uninspiring collection of bland, mid-tempo singer-songwriter tunes on his debut, Paul managed to go a step further and release what can only be considered an unintentionally funny joke of a single, and the video is even worse. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure laughing at an artist who's trying to be portrayed as cool and relevant on his first major label release probably isn't the reaction Paul had in mind.

Consider this dreck sunk before it even sets sail. I give Jermaine 0.5 of 5 Stars. Check it below if you want, but if you happen to be lactose intolerant you'll probably get a bad reaction from the stinky cheese.

~Kenny Poo

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