Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Phillips Punks Haters, Debuts #4 on Billboard

Gee, guess Phillip's haters feel kinda stupid now

So, how do they like him now?

Remember a few short months ago when Phillip Phillips won American Idol, and his haters went apoplectic all over the internet about how this "low-talent white guy with guitar" had just destroyed the credibility of the show?

No? Yes? Maybe?

Well, I sure as hell do, and now it's time to call them out. You see, World Form The Side Of The Moon just debuted #4 on Billboard selling almost 170k copies, and his winning single, Home, is about to go triple platinum. Guess P2 is hardly the train wreck those so-called "experts" predicted he'd be, eh?

Anyway, because Phil is far too classy, humble and smart to return the smack with fistfuls of "I told you so", Kenny Poo will be only too happy do the dirty work. With that said, here's a rundown of some of  the most outspoken "geniuses" who ripped Mr. Phillips.

* * * *

Stefano Langone

Former Idol finalist Stefano Langone is simply the douche who can't stop douching. After his wretchedly cheesy run to a 7th place finish in Season 10, "Fano" just hasn't been able to resist publicly bragging about himself or talking shit about others.

A few months ago, Fano talked all kinds of shit about "being with" the beautiful and talented Pia Toscano during their run on the show. Of course, she is WAY too classy to air private dirt, but to her credit she did fire off a nice subtweet putting "Fano" in his place without ever mentioning his name.

BTW, Pia, for the love of GOD, repeat after me in your best Mommy Dearest/Joan Crawford imitation: "No more narcissistic douchebag players... EVER!"

Backdating to Season 10 of Idol, after Pia dumped the douche for Mark Ballas "Fano" somehow then douched his way in with the luscious and gifted Haley Reinhart, and they remained an item after relocating to LA when the Idol tour ended.

Now, fast forward a few months to when Haley got savaged by TMZ for not knowing the lyrics while doing an improv MJ song as a favor to a jazz club. Since she was on a date with "Fano" that night he could have easily defended her on twitter or elsewhere when the story exploded, but amazingly he went silent and never stood up for his girl against the attacks.

Classy, huh?

Now, I tweeted him on this when it got out of control... gave him the easy opportunity to defend her and clear her name. He responded with some nasty snark, essentially telling me to STFU and stay out of it.

So, is it any big surprise that this is what "Fano" had to say after Phillip won American Idol?

For the integrity of the show, to me this is a travesty. The result this year solidifies the reality of idol no longer being a talent show … But a popularity contest. Unfortunately I’m not the first to have noticed.

Nicely played, Mr. Langone. BTW, how many copies has your album sold again?

* * * *

Elliot Yamin

I didn't watch the season he was a finalist on Idol, and I've never bought any of his music. After reading this quote, I'm glad I didn't bother.

Missed the Idol finale tonite #AI …..but it sounds like I didn’t miss much by the sounds of who “won” #justsayin Jessica Sanchez is a REAL singer!.. I thought this was a singin competition??.. what a shame. American Idol has become MUCH like politics, in the sense that – we, as a people get mad at who’s in office, when WE are the people who put them there…or, are we?

So, uh... Ellie...kinda wish ya had that one back now? Maybe next time you'll be a little more careful before tearing into actual winners.
* * * *

Laura Prudom

Writing for Huffington Post entertainement, Laura just couldn't stop herself from jumping on the bash Phillip bandwagon. In a column entitled, 'American Idol': Why Phillip Phillips And The White Guy With Guitar Trend Are Bad For Business, here's one of her precious gems as she rants that no-talent white guys with guitar like Phillip are ruining civilization as we know it by winning American Idol.

Why is this an issue, you may ask? Why not let the excitable teenage girls (and the older women who should probably know better) have their fun and flood the phone lines with votes for these attractive, guitar-plucking fellas? Simply put, because those attractive, guitar-plucking fellas don't actually do that well once they've ventured out of "Idol's" protective embrace and are expected to sell albums under their own steam -- and that's a problem for "Idol" as much as for the winners themselves.

Guess he isn't so bad for business after all, eh, Laura?  I tweeted Laura about this, asking her if she wanted this one back, and she of course stands by her idiocy and insists this is all "very dangerous".  Then again, what else should we expect form a radical "female empowerment activist" living in an insulated political bubble?

* * * *

Michael Slezak

Love Michael too much to drill him for this miss, but he also piled on the "WGWG who will be bad for Idol and won't sell shit" storyline. All I'll say is I'm given Mikey a mulligan on this one, whether he cares to take it or not is his business.

* * * *

OK, so maybe I was a little too harsh. I suppose Stefano is kind to his family and doesn't torture puppies. I'm also pretty sure the rest of the folks I nailed today are in many respects quality people who can't just be lampooned as one dimensional dolts. But let this be a lesson to all of you with a voice in the media. Kenny Poo is watching, and if you talk shit and are proven wrong about someone I like, well, you can expect to see my guns blazing while I show your ass.

Peace out, and congrats Phillip on a fantastic start to an incredibly promising career.

~Kenny Poo


  1. Preach it Kenny...PP is beyond awesome,and only 3 weeks to put his album together...incredible. A very big star in the making!!!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Cara! I unbelievable he made such an incredibly complex and creative album happen in just 3 weeks. Amazing.

  3. Dear lord. Thank you for verbally destroying Stefano. How Haley let him within five feet of her I'll never understand.

    1. Alec: Hopefully Haley, like Pia before her, has now flushed the douche out of her system for good.

  4. During the AI season 11 I was really tensed when PP saved. During the finale as if i am his mother very much worried that day and so very very happy when he won.I know there is something special about Phillip Phillips and most importantly his good attitude aside from his talent. I like all his songs and most especially his album now. I am really proud of this kid. Congratulations!!

  5. so nice to see this blog today. I hope phillips feels the love from his supporters. There are many many of us. "Its not an obsession thing", i keep telling my husband (who thinks he is great as well,) it's honoring pure talent and artistry. He is a freakin genius. How he handled idol, and his career so far is brilliant. I am a mom of a 23 year old musical artist as well. I get the way everything he touches turns to gold. It comes from a special place. glad i am experiencing it with Phillip. thank you Kenny for your blog