Monday, January 7, 2013

Haley Reinhart Does Real Music Live

Oh my does Haley bring the heat, peeps.

Caught my girl Haley Reinhart on Real Music Live, and damn was she looking and sounding FINE! She's a free agent in music and love right now, so for those record labels looking for hot talent, and dudes who look like her celebrity crush James Franco, check out her performance from the show (roughly 3:00-8:00 marks) and go get her while you can. With that voice, that hot bod, that pretty face, and that charming little minx personality she won't be available for long, so act now!

If you're just a righteous dude (or dudette) like me, but don't happen to be a record label executive or her celebrity crush, well, you should check it out anyway. She's really fucking good, people. Her debut album Listen Up! (released in May) was very well received, and even placed Top 3 in the highly prestigious Kenny Poo Top 10 albums of 2012!

The song she performed on the RML show is Oh My! (Haley has a thing for exclamation points), which might be familiar to you college football fans because it's been regularly featured on ESPN's game telecasts. The version she did here has a sultry new bridge she helped pen as a replacement for the B.O.B rap interlude from the original version, and it's a big improvement if you ask me. Well, even if you don't ask me I'm telling you anyway. Remember, pal, it's my blog and I'll do and say what I want, damn it!

As far as what she's up to next, Haley's mentioned she's going to spend some time in the studio banging out some hot new songs for her next album. Looking forward to hearing what that will be, but I'm personally hoping this sexy siren slays some jazz & blues numbers this time around. She OWNS that genre, people!

Anyhow, go check out her fabtastic sangin', and as a special added bonus enjoy those beautifully tanned, sexy shoulders at no extra charge.

Peace out, peeps.

~Kenny Poo


  1. You always make the best posts, Kenny Poo! Love Haley, and I love that look she had here. Gorgeous!! She should stay with the straighter hair. Like how she did Oh My, too. Never heard the newer version before, but I agree with you that it was way better than the B.O.B (gross!).

  2. Thanks, Carrie! You're one of my favorite regulars. :) I've been a fan of Haley's so long it almost feels like she's family. Really rooting for things to break right for her. She's got all the right stuff, and with more experience under her belt now hopefully it'll happen sooner not later.