Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What is Kenny Poo thinking?

What is Kenny Poo's thinking, you ask? Well, if you really wanna know, here ya go...

* * * *

Good luck charm needed in Buffalo

After a nice 2-0 start, my Sabres have lost 3 straight heading into tonight's game vs Toronto. Buffalo hasn't won a sports title in either the NFL or NHL since...ever. That's right, never ever. What we need is a good luck charm, like the LA Kings have with Star Spangled Stanley Cup Stunner Pia Toscano, to sing our dreaded curse away.

* * * *

Back off on the drama bullshit, Nigel!

American Idol auditions are now in full swing, and, sadly, Nigel and company still apparently think very little of the viewer's intelligence. Producers relentlessly promote contrived, edited judge dramas in a juvenile attempt to hook mouth-breathing morons into watching.

If Count Lythgoe had any sense, he'd do away with the phony bullshit and just trust the judges and talent to carry the show, because the show has GREAT singing talent, and, aside from the village idiot that is Randy Jackson, a damn good set of judges. Especially Nicki Minaj. Trust the process, Nigel. Viewers crave authenticity.

* * * *

 South Florida...or else!!

Speaking of Idol, Kenny Poo fave Crystal Bowersox (Season 9) is releasing her new album, "All That For This", in March and is scheduling tour dates. Mama should know that I WILL hold my breath 'til I turn blue if she doesn't book a South Florida gig.

* * * *

The Official Kenny Poo Super Bowl Prediciton: Ravens over Niners 24-20. Evenly matched teams, but the Ravens are 100% convinced they will win for Ray Lewis, and that intangible will be the difference.

* * * *

I just can't seem to convince myself to give a shit about basketball until the playoffs, and even then only if the Heat are making a run. Odds are good that'll happen, so check back with me on that in April.

* * * *

In many ways, I feel the Super Bowl is like New Year's Eve. It's an amateur night for non-fans to chatter, party and yap away distractedly during the game, and then shush the room for the fucking commercials and halftime show. God, I hate that bullshit.

* * * *

Haley legging it out in the studio

Haley Reinhart. Nothing newsworthy going on with her right now, just spending some time in the studio recording the demo LP she'll market to prospective labels. Still, I always feel the need to keep her name and legs out there as often as possible. Can you really blame me?

* * * *

Phillip set to tour with Matchbox 20

Will Phillip Phillips become the first Idol besides Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood to be bigger than the show itself? His LP, The World From The Side Of The Moon, is on its way to platinum and beyond, his single Home will be certified quadruple platinum by next week, and his next single, Gone, Gone, Gone is going to radio in February. He just rapped up a very successful college tour, is heading out for a month to gig with Matchbox 20, and will then headline his own full electric band tour when that's over. He's popular with virtually every demographic, and crosses over multiple radio formats.

He may be as humble as they come, but I say he has a chance to surpass even the holy grail of Kelly and Carrie to become Idol's alltime most successful alum. Still, no matter how big he gets, he'll likely never be embraced by the Idol diva purists, and that's just fine with me.

~Kenny Poo Out


  1. Those Haley legs are nice and thick, bro. Good on ya to share that hot shot. Don't follow Idol much, so don't know much about the people you mentioned. Might do some youtube searching for those Haley legs and that Pia babe. With Phillips, he ain't really idol no more, he's way beyond just like you said.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Keon. Think you'll like what you see and hear. Haley's not just hot as shit, she's also a great jazz/blues singer who dabbles in rock, soul and many other genres. Her debut LP has a lot of variety, dand is definitely worth checking out. Called Listen Up!

    Pia is definitely a hot babe, and is hoping to release her debut album this year. She's a pop/soul singer with a huge voice.

    BTW, take a look at Crystal, too. She has a folk/Americana vibe with two great albums to her credit. Once Upon A Time was released last summer/fall and is a killer little album.