Friday, February 1, 2013

Live Performances That Pleasure Kenny Poo

I'm a bit bored this afternoon, so I've decided to post a few of my favorite live concert videos. Criteria? Artist needs to be lost in the song,  I need to like the song and the crowd has to be totally committed. Dig?

Well, alrighty then.

* * * *

Dropkick Murphy's 
The Dirty Glass 
LIVE on Jimmy Kimmel
St. Patrick's Day 2007

The Murphs are unbelievable live, and this performance was a perfect example because the crowd is sick, the song is awesome, the band tears it up, sound is perfect and the setting was St. Patrick's Day. Total McAwesome sauce.

* * * *

Stevie Ray Vaughan
Texas Flood
LIVE 1983 (I think)

Stevie Ray was the definition of Texas blues in every sense of the word. Calling someone a prodigy is  an overused adjective these days, but it truly is the case with SRV and his gun slinging guitar brilliance. He was virtually in a trance, touching God perhaps, as he blasted thru this before wide-eyed crowd that was almost stunned into rapture. Shredding the blues like nobody ever has before or since, this performance is amazing to behold.

* * * *

Phillip Phillips
Lose Yourself/All I Do Is Win
Live at Notre Dame 
January, 2013

Phillip mashed this up in a mosh pit like setting, and the video is practically right on top of the stage allowing the viewer to feel the intensity and almost smell the beer flying. Crowd is completely berserk, and he is completely lost in the song. PP is incredible live, and after seeing this you'll be forced to agree that it belongs on this list.

* * * *

Joss Stone
The High Road
Live 2012 - Brazil

Joss is hot and can fucking wail. This fan vid is right on top of the stage, and like the Phillips video above, you can almost feel, taste and touch the performance. Joss kills it, though it does cut out just before it ends. Ya gotta see it.

* * * *

Dropkick Murphys
Kiss Me I'm Shitfaced
LIVE Boston, 2009
Is it wrong to use two Muph songs in such a short list? Not if it's the signature Kiss Me I'm Shitfaced that I believe is the greatest concert video of all time. Check it, because my words cannot do justice to this party.


Hope you enjoyed. This is just a few of my faves, and is in no particular order. I may have to make this a Friday ritual. What say you?

~Kenny Poo

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