Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Now that I'm back on dry land, and drying out from all the excesses of  a cruise, I see my favorite Idol alums had mucho activity while I was gone. Time for Kenny Poo to catch y'all up!! Let's lead off this post with Crystal's big single news, and my take on the song.

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Click here to hear Mama's jazzy new single Movin' On
So, as it turns out, Mama's new song Dead Weight was actually released as a 'buzz single' to promote her upcoming album (All That For This), and not the single sent to radio for official adds. That distinction goes to her track Movin' On, which went for AAA adds today, and I couldn't agree with the decision more.

Much as I enjoyed the country-folk harmonies of Dead Weight, I had reservations about its potential for radio success do to its length (4:32) and lack of wow factor. Movin' On on the other hand has all the elements to be a hit, especially for the AAA format her label (Shanachie records) has sent it for adds. It's still organic, but also has a jazzy, catchy, more sophisticated vibe, and is the perfect length (3:11) for a single.

In fact, of the three tracks on the album available to preview (also Dead Weight and Stitches) this Movin' On is by far my favorite. It's just pure fucking awesomeness. Well crafted, ear-wormy, soulful, jazzy, bluesy, with plenty of brass sass, it struck me from the opening bars that this was a statement to all that Crystal can stretch out her music well beyond the confines of country-tinged folk.

Not sure when the song will be available for purchase, but hopefully very soon. Don't want a track hitting radio without an option to buy. Meanwhile, click on the picture caption above to hear a full length streaming preview of the song. You won't be disappointed... Movin' On flows smooth as fine silk from beginning to end.

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P2G3FTW? What am I talkin' 'bout, Willis? 

I'm talkin' 'bout Phillip Phillips - who just released his official video for Gone, Gone, Gone, the 2nd single off his smash debut album The World From The Side Of The Moon - For The Win! It's another infectious, feel-good song with a great sing-along vibe, and Kenny Poo predicts GGG will become another huge hit single.

In fact, if the explosion of radio adds and the rapid march up the iTunes charts are any indication, it may hit big even faster than his 4X Platinum smash Home did. The video itself will keep you singing and smiling. Check it out above, peeps.

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Casey's Homeless

Get Out!

Been a fun time for Caley fans (fans who love the combo of Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams). This weekend Casey debuted his official video for his single Get Out, plus an opening trailer parody clip of him being a homeless bum his friends express "concern" for. Included in the fun is his Caley partner Haley, who also helped spread the homeless gag on twitter along with many other Idol Season 10 friends.

While Get Out is far from my favorite track on Casey's self-titled album (too pop for my tastes), the videos above are a lot of fun. Check them out... they're great stuff, people.

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 Groovy Caley HOB Set

Want more Caley? OK, I saved the best for last. The full, 31 minute audio of their House Of Blues set from Friday, Feb 15th. The entire set is jazz/blues centric. Even when Haley sings her own tracks from her album Listen Up! she gives them a jazz/blues spin that best maximizes and highlights her vocal gifts.  

There is really something special here. The fun-loving banter, music and improvisational comfort they display when performing together is fantastic. All I can say is please, please, please give us more Caley Collaboration!

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If you love Caley you also gotta love Japia. Pia Toscano and Jared Lee have had multiple duet performances over the past year, and have also displayed a naturally hilarious banter together that makes them impossible not to love. The above Valentines Day video clip is a perfect example of how much fun they are together, and why we need to see more of Japia in the future!

~Kenny Poo


  1. Agree with you as always!! Japia? hehehe! Like that one.


    1. Ha! I like Japia even better than Jarpia. Gonna change it now. Thx, TJ!