Monday, May 6, 2013

Phillip Phillips Falls Ill, Cancels Remainder Of Tour

Ailing Phillips forced to cancel rest of his spring tour

Update #3. Refuah Sh'lema, Phillip.

Update #2: 
Oy, this one's kinda scary, folks. Kidney failure is no joke. From Reality Rocks:
"The word is the dates had to be rescheduled due to exhaustion, dehydration, and kidney failure; there's no confirmation yet regarding whether Phillip will be well enough appear in any way on the Season 12 "American Idol" finale, which takes place next Thursday, May 16."
Twitter Update: 
@Phillips 11m
Hey guys, due to doctor's orders I have to reschedule my last tour dates.They will be rescheduled! Looking forward to seeing you on Mayer!

No humorous snark, sarcasm or satire today folks, just reporting some sad news. Phillip Phillips, the reigning American Idol champion, and multi-platinum artist heralded by critics and fans alike as "The New Boss" for his music style and energetic concert performances, has suddenly fallen ill and has had to cancel the remainder of his spring tour.

There were 9 dates left on Phillips' calendar this month before his scheduled break, culminating with a gig in Dublin, Ireland. That all was scrapped the morning after his spirited May 4th SunFest show in West Palm Beach, FL, where by all accounts he looked healthy, sounded strong, and delivered a typical high energy performance. Still no official word on what the illness is, just a comment from his sound engineer that Phillip needs time and rest to recover.

Recover from what? Well, that's the million dollar question, but one has to wonder if it's related to the kidney problems that plagued him on American Idol last year, requiring multiple minor operations during the season, and a major surgical procedure after the Idol summer tour ended in September, 2012.

Hopefully, whatever it is that KO'd him isn't too serious, and won't have lasting effects he'll have to deal with with in the future. Anytime there's a sudden cancellation of all future dates there is a natural inclination to fear the worst, especially when it's a tough guy like Phillips who has always battled through pain and fatigue with incredible courage and determination.

As we await word from Team Phillips, please feel free to use the comment section below to wish Phillip well, and provide any breaking news on his condition you may find. I will be updating this post with any official news that becomes available, so keep checking back regularly.

Finally, be aware that any nasty, inappropriate comments from Phillip haters WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Immediate deletion and banning will be the result. Thank you in advance for being respectful.

~Kenny Poo


  1. Wishing nothing but good health and good days ahead for Phillips.

    1. Totally agree with "especially when it's a tough guy like Phillips who has always battled through pain and fatigue with incredible courage and determination".
      Phillip is very hardworking. He loves performing. He has incredible work ethic and drive.
      Nine sold out shows aren't getting cancelled for no reason. So there must be something serious. But we don't know what exactly it is... And I guess human brains can't handle "the unknown" very well, especially when it relates to someone we care much about. SO this drives me a bit crazy right now.

  2. Idol, album in three weeks, promotions, concerts, God knows what else - superman would need a rest!

  3. Oh, no! Get well soon, PP! Sending all my love and prayers out to you!!


  4. kidney failure can be caused by extreme dehydration. Hydration can reverse that. Hope that's what it is, and all it is. Sending prayers Phillips' way for speedy and complete recovery.

  5. I really hope Phillip doesn't need dialisis or a transplant. Hes only 22!! Way too young for this!!


  6. I am seriously scared for him. I pray it's not too serious and that he is just getting some well deserved rest. He is such a great talent and even more so I think because of his great personality. I have never liked another "celebrity" in the way that I honestly like Phillip. Get better Phillip...we need you to be happy and well. xxoo

  7. Prayers & thoughts heading PP & HB's way. Glad she is with him.

  8. I am from Hong Kong and my day wont be complete w/o listening to Phillip's songs and watching his concert videos. his joy, loving and caring soul is so contagious. I'm praying for you Phillip and I believe you will live your dream healthy and happy. please don't push yourself so much. your fans all over the world love you and want you to be always healthy and happy. God bless you always.