Friday, May 3, 2013

Your Next American Idol: Angie Miller

OK, let me start out by saying there's almost a zero percent chance I'll ever buy music from American Idol's Angie Miller, and she's definitely not my favorite singer or contestant on Idol this year. That distinction goes to the insanely gifted jazz/blues/soul singer, Miss Candice Glover. That said, I believe Angie Miller deserves to be the next American Idol, and just might become the biggest megastar in Idol franchise history.



Angie has the complete American Idol package executive suits fantasize about. The sweet, young, pretty, "all-American-girl-next-door" with a strong voice, theater skills, acting skills, singer/songwriter skills, sex appeal, sass, and can run the genre gamut from Christian Contemporary to Hot AC to Top 40. She's got a perfect mix of Kelly and Carrie that should prove an unstoppable combination in the music and entertainment industry.

Oh, and her father is a minister and she was active in the choir.

If Idol executives could go into central casting, Angie is the girl they would have chosen. Everyone's Miss America, Disney Princess, Prom Queen and Head Cheerleader all rolled into one, with just enough hot and sexy to tick the rating up to PG .

There have been others who had many of these components. Back in Season 10, the seductive Haley Reinhart had even better looks, vocal talent and versatility than Angie, but she was no Disney Princess. Haley seemed more like the party-girl-next-door who'd get drunk, smoke a joint and make out in the back seat en route to the prom after-party (atta girl!). Also, sultry jazz and classic rock were Haley's primary music interests, and though it made Haley my favorite, it ain't what central casting wants in an Idol.

Then there's my other Season 10 girl, Pia Toscano. Pia was a raven haired knockout who could sing pop ballads with the best of them. She portrayed a certain sophistication, and had a sequined presence and beauty that I loved, but made her seem almost unapproachable to some. Though very down-to-earth and sweet in real life, many saw Pia more as an unattainable diva than the girl-next-door. Wonderful to fantasize about, but hard for insecure young girls to relate.

In Season 11, Jessica Sanchez was more all-Filipino than all-American. Holly was more all-Great Britain. Also, though both were seemingly very nice and talented kids, they were truly just kids, not women. Phillip Phillips, the wildly talented and successful winner last year, was a grown man who knew exactly the kind of artist he was, and these girls were like children next to him. You really should be at least 18 to be an American Idol winner in my not-so-humble opinion.

So, anyway, back to Angie. Can you imagine anyone better to represent Idol as a worldwide ambassador than her?  Whether it's cutting a ribbon, doing weather stand-in on a morning talk show, hosting her own Christmas special, appearing on a sitcom, or landing a starring role on Broadway, who would be better than her? I bet she can do one hell of a mean parade wave, too. Musically, she has a lot of popular directions she could go, and seems to really know who she is as an artist. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see her chart Top 40 on CCM, HAC, AC and CHR radio.

Since she seems to have all the tools to be a star, there is only one noteworthy flaw that could block her path: Authenticity. She seems to be a genuinely nice, likeable, sweet, wonderful girl, but when she performs she has a tendency to become overly melodramatic. If she can bury that tendency, the sky is the limit for her.

So, while I absolutely love Candice, have already bought some her songs on iTunes, and intend to follow her career after the show, I still believe the best choice to represent Idol as the winner is Angie. So, prepare the sash, tierra and rose bouqet and cue the confetti, folks, because...

There she is,  Miss American Idol!

What say you?

Kenny Poo out.


  1. I say you are right again. Cannot imagine the other ladies will topple her from the Idol podium. My only criticism of Angie is she is too comfortable with the camera on her and she knows where that camera is at all times. (Almost a conceited air about that, maybe its just me)

    I really think all five of the ladies this year have a good shot at the music business. My prediction is that Amber will surprise many with a very successful career. She has an amazing voice but she needs some coaching and confidence. I think in a year or two she will be extremely successful.

  2. You make some good points--but damn if she hasn't been my least favorite female contestant this season. I don't think her voice is all that--or at least what I've heard of it on the show. I don't think she does anything remotely interesting with the phrasing of a song. I don't think she really connects to the lyrics. Don't think she is in the same universe as Haley or Candice or Kree for that matter.

    Plus, the way she looks in the camera is hilarious. Sort of a mix between Norma Desmond and a porn star. "Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close- up"

    However, I am pretty sure that she will make the finale and probably win. Sadly, I think this may be Candice's last week. And that would really be a shame. I think the country/southern vote and the church vote will take Kree and Candice into the finale.

    PS--I am not at all fond of the "entire package" description that is used on idol and elsewhere when talking about potential for success. It takes the artistry out and puts the formula in the equation. And that is part of what sucks about the music business

  3. Well, remember it's a TV show first and foremost, and it is not called American Artist. What they want is a package of looks, marketability and a good enough voice to make a record. A glorified popularity contest.

    Artistry can be an impediment to fitting neatly into the cookie cutter they desire. Phillip is an incredible artist, but that was incidental, maybe even detrimental, to what the producers wanted. They liked that he was good looking, likable and marketable. They got more than they bargained for, and it worked out most fortuitously for the suits in this case (despite themselves).

    Angie is what they want. She has some artistic talent, but in a poppy kinda way that fits the show's mold. Not what you or I like, but definitely what the show wants.