Monday, April 8, 2013

Douchebag Hater Of Phillips Gets Punked By Poo

Time for Kenny Poo to tear apart another assfuck hack who bashes Phillip Phillips victory for being symptomatic of all that's wrong with American Idol. It's from The Examiner, and the douche who wrote the load of shit is Phillip Pulliam. Click here for the whole article. Below are the relevant parts about Phillips, and Pulliam's ridiculous mug for all to make into a dart board.

"During the 2012 season of American Idol we all believed so strongly that Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet, and Holly Cavanaugh would be our top three contenders to become our 2012 American Idol. However, what I call the teenie boop vote (young girls between ages of 13-23 with 10 emails address and the energy to vote an infinite amount of times for the cutest guy) pushed Phillip Phillips through to the American Idol finals to become the American Idol 2012 lack luster recording artist. The teenie booper vote is about 45% of American Idol viewers.

American Idol promised us changes for the 2013 season that would weed out the teenie boop vote, but nothing has changed. Last nights results were a shocking reality. All the judges agreed that top contenders for American Idol 2013 should be, Amber, Angie, Candice, and Kree. If you have been watching the show you would probably agree that these girls sing their faces off. But, American Idol has not been a singing contest for the last several years. The teenie boop vote has diminished American Idol into a popularity contest where less than average singers like Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, Scott McCreery, and Phillip Phillips can win American Idol because they are the “cute looking white dudes” that the teenie boopers love to support."

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Kenny Poo Response:

Yo, Pulliam, 46 yo male "teeny booper" here who voted for Phillip Phillips on Idol, bought his singles from the show, album after, and remain a big fan who is seeing him in concert for the 2nd time next month. Just thought you should know he has the best selling record of any Idol alum in history, and an album that's well on its way to platinum, so put that in your crack pipe and smoke it.

Meanwhile, Jessica Sanchez, who you championed, has no traction whatsoever on radio or in sales with her music. Nothing against her, I hope she finds success, but that's reality. Joshua and Holly, lovely and talented kids that they are, remain unsigned and are searching for record deals. 

The real problem with Idol this year isn't just Lazaro per se, but the deliberate manipulation of the male cast by the show's producers. By selecting an intentionally wretched and effeminate group of male finalists in the hope of landing a female winner to appease whining crybabies like you, they created a show that lacks real drama, and Lazaro is the shit that happens.

In short, P2's not the problem with the show, people like YOU are the problem. All your bitching made this crap season possible, and now you can suck on it. If anything, Phillips is the last, best hope of legitimacy that Idol can fall back on if it hopes to survive after this season's shark jump.

You should bow at his success, pal.

Kenny Poo


  1. I 100% agree with you Poo. PP is going to ba a super star...well on his way!!!

  2. sore losers douchebags like this pulliam guy shouldnt be allowed to write. he'd just end up sounding pathetic.

    Now mr Poo here however is a freakin genius. you give credit where it is due and deliver hard truth when needed.

    Great job again Poo!

  3. Thanks! I just cannot believe there are STILL ass hats out there who think Phillip was just a tween champion who won with cuteness over talent. If these people ever bothered to LISTEN TO HIS MUSIC they would immediately recognize how deep and mature it is both musically and lyrically. He's actually the OPPOSITE of the boy bands, Beibers, and autotuned techno sluts. The haters need to get a fucking clue.

  4. You're right Kenny Poo. Phillip Phillips is the polar opposite of what the hater's claim. He is a true musician who loves music and stands up for what he believes. He is not a creation of American Idol. American Idol is lucky he came their way. Dave Eggars, a Harvard educated world class cellist described Phillips as a great musical leader and innovator he can't wait to play with again. I don't think a talentless hick from the sticks who gets by only on his looks would ever be worth of such praise.