Thursday, April 4, 2013

UPDATE RE: Haley Reinhart's techno club remix, "Hypnotic"

UPDATE: Haley tweeted me the following clarification:

Hey boys! Don't get your panties in a bunch;) When I wrote this, it was intended for a super poppy artist. Not I!

@1philatic1But everything gets leaked! & they like my vocal on it so it may start gettin play in Europe. But I'll just be a ft.

This is completely separate from my sound.. Which I'm working on right now!!:D

My Reply:

Thank I can finally change my panties. ;) Thanks for clarifying, Haley. Can't wait for your real music.



My girl Haley Reinhart has a new electro dance remix available on Soundcloud, called "Hypnotic". No word yet on when or if it will be made available as a single, or why it's been leaked. It could be just a demo she's shopping around for another artist to grab. Or, perhaps it'll be released independently to try and create buzz for a prospective new label. Then again, maybe it's an indication Haley wants to test out the club music waters while she's between albums and labels.

Who knows?

Anyway, it's certainly a long way from "God Bless The Child" with Irvin Mayfield Jr. Perhaps this is a prelude to doing a techno duet with my all time favorite artist (sic), Stefano Langone? [Ouch, that hurt to type]

One thing Haley has indicated in various interviews is she wants to have a more bluesy, rock edge on her next album, so I'm pretty confident Hypnotic will not be packaged on that disc.

So, what does Kenny Poo think of Haley's new club music track? Well, for the sake of all that is good and holy in this world, I am choosing to withhold my opinion. Consider me a true international man of intrigue. An enigma. A douchebag. A pompous, arrogant, know it all motherfucker. OK, maybe the last one goes a bit far, but whatever you are most comfortable with.

Anyway, since I am without speech, please feel share your take on "Hypnotic" in the comment section below.

~Kenny Poo

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