Tuesday, January 21, 2014

View From Poo's Couch #2

After receiving glowing self acclaim on reviews for my first official installment of the View From Poo's Couch, I am now puffed with the bravado of a thousand hot air balloons. Now, prepare to be dazzled by my brilliant quips of insight and observation!

* * *

Again with the Polar Vortex? Would someone please bring me Al Gore so I can put my fucking carbon foot print right up that lying sack of shit's ass? Thank you, and have a great day.

* * *

Pooaliscious...I like the sound of this. How is it possible it took until now for me to put together this selfy nickname? I have a feeling it's gonna catch on. Try it...POOOOOO-AAAAA-LISCIOUSSSSS!!!!

Wasn't that nice? Sorry, no refunds on the last 30 seconds of your life.

* * *

Watched Blacklist last night, my new most favorite show. Nothing against Megan Boone (plays Red's FBI daughter) or anything, but this show is about James Spader and his killer character, period. The rest is filler. I want and expect more Spader on the show, stat.  Kenny Poo is getting upset!

* * *

The lovely and talented (translation: hot as hell and totally awesome) Pia Toscano has formed a duo with longtime singing BFF Jared Lee. Aptly named "DUO", they are recording an EP set for release this March or April.

A longtime friend of Poo Nation, Pia featured a Kenny Poo question on her weekly Q/A Monday with Jared. You'll see from the video how obvious it is she's crushing on Poo, but we keep it strictly platonic since Mrs. Poo wouldn't approve of me accepting Pia's steamy advances.

Anyway, check it out here, and give them a YouTube/Twitter follow if you haven't already. Poo comes in at the 4:19 mark, but watch it all. Their unscripted banter is fun and worth the watch.


* * *

WTF is the deal, DirecTV? No Weather Channel? My all-time favorite weather chicky poo, Kait Parker, who was down here in SoFlo for about 4 years, recently got a nice gig there but because of the dispute I can't watch her!! This cannot happen, people. Time to light the torches, bust out the pitch forks, grab the battering ram, and storm the DirecTV gates so I can see her in the morning before work.

* * *

OK, that's enough magnificence for today. I'm sure by now you've laughed, you've cried, you may have nearly died, so rather than risk anyone's health any further it's time to say...


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