Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Poo Format

After a few months without posting, no doubt many of you have been going through terrible withdrawal and wondering, "WTF happened to Kenny Poo blog? How can I live if he's through posting for good?"

Well, all of you Poo Stans can relax. I'm back, baby, only this time around in a slightly different capacity.

Rather than heavily focusing on American Idol related topics, I'm moving on to a Daily Poo approach. Basically, that means spewing whatever the hell comes to my warped mind on a semi-daily basis.

Does this mean my girls Haley, Pia and Crystal are no longer going to get any Poo love? That my boy Phillip will be persona non grata?

No, not entirely. I'll still toss out some love for my old friends when there is something to say, but it won't be feature reviews and analysis. Quick hits and blurbs will be the wave of the future.

I also had frequently given full music reviews on both new and older albums of interest to me. Don't expect much of that moving forward, either.

Basically, I'll be expanding my beloved twitter self into longer form. In other words, unpredictability, humor, innuendo, and whatever I'm inspired to blather on about at that moment.

Yes, in the past I have on occasion dabbled with this Daily Poo thang, but now it will be the format of choice. The question you probably have is...why?

Well, I got burned out pushing myself to type out opinions on my favorite American Idol grads, and straining my brain to force out long winded music reviews. I just don't have the available time for extended, research heavy posts anymore. Poo was done like dinner.

So, with that...hope to see you all stopping by, reading and telling me what you think of the crap I have to say. Besides, WTF shit on the interwebs is any better than my Poo?


Poo out.


  1. Welcome back, Mr. Poo! Eagerly waiting your next post in your new approach. Sure it will be entertaining as well as insightful. POO ON!

  2. Thanks, Norma! I'll definitely Poo my best. ;)