Wednesday, January 22, 2014

View From Poo's Couch #3

Now that the View From Poo's Couch has grown into an international phenomenon, how can I possibly stop now? Can't stop! WON'T STOP!

Onward with more glorious Poo!!!

* * *

Went on last night in an attempt to navigate the turbulent Obamacare waters, and am proud to report that the website is still a dysfunctional clusterfuck. The site crashed twice while attempting to process. Finally, after a couple hours of complete and utter futility, I just gave up.  Big government entitlement at its finest, baby.

* * *

Sabres lost yet another agonizingly close game last night. Being a Buffalo sports fan is so much fun! We get to experience everything from the embarrassment of being blown out, to losing in crushing, dramatic fashion! So blessed to have been given the opportunity by the Sabres and Bills to learn how to cope with painful disappointment from cradle to grave.

* * *

LADIES! Insight into GUY WORLD!

Crotch scratching is truly an art form. Scratch too much and you get raw and chaffed. Don't scratch enough and you will be left wanting more. The true crotch scratching artist knows just how to nuance the line. For some odd reason, wives and girlfriends never seem to appreciate such talents.

C'mon ladies, stop the hate and appreciate the wonder of our handiwork!

* * *

For those of you who dig good scotch, but spending well north of $30 a bottle for anything drinkable is cost prohibitive, I have the answer for you: Grant's.

William Grant & Sons also distill Glenfiddich and Balvenie on the higher end, but for just $15 a bottle you can get their standard Grant's blend and it's REALLY FUCKING GOOD! Great flavor, no burn, deep caramel coloring...yum.

Try'll thank me.

* * *

OK, that's enough Poo droppings for today. Check back tomorrow, my loyal and faithful followers, for the next mezmerizing installment of the View From Poo's Couch.

Poo Out!

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