Monday, July 23, 2012

Fuckers Who Should Fry

A lot of filth in the news today. Glad to see Penn State was brutally punished by the NCAA for their complicity in serial child rape. Still, wish it had been more. Wish the football program was also given the Death Penalty to go along with the sanctions. Oh, and speaking of the death penalty, allow me to bust out my soap box and let it fly on some additional pieces of shit who need to die...and not just in terms of football, but for real.

Joe Paterno already got his death penalty, and good riddance to that fucking lowlife piece of shit. Now, about his old friend Jerry Sandusky... strap the child rapist in the fucking chair and turn on the juice full power. He doesn't deserve air, medical care or food.

On to James Holmes. I don't give two fucks whether or not he's insane, had a difficult childhood, or was helplessly tempted by the internet and easy firearm accessibility (as so many bleeding heart media types will try and tell us). He needs to die, and not painlessly, either. The fact that he has decades to live even if he is convicted of the Death Penalty really pisses me off.

Anyway, happy Monday, everyone!

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