Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Shhh! The Best EP You've Never Heard Of

Undoubtedly, many of you reading this are under the impression that after Crystal Bowersox's label, Jive records, went out of business she withdrew to a remote mountain top somewhere in the pacific northwest and is living off the land with her husband and child.

Well, you're actually right about that part, but unbeknownst to all but Mama's closest followers (aka the Village Idiots, of which I'm a proud member), she recently released an EP, Once Upon A Time, consisting of 5 original songs she recorded just before her Season 9 American Idol run.

Let me tell you, friends, if you love true roots music with no extraneous production shit, just a gorgeous, pristine voice, acoustic guitar and bass accompaniment, you'll thank me for letting you in on this little secret because her itty-bitty album is a small slice of nirvana. The writing is absolutely brilliant, and the material so brutally autobiographical and authentic, it's like a window into her soul and you truly feel you get to know Crystal, the real Crystal, the "naked" Crystal, through her music.

I absolutely adore such honesty.

Crystal is currently working on a new, full-length album that's scheduled for release whenever her yogi feels the time is right. Until such time, do yourself a big favor and check out Once Upon A Time, available now on iTunes for just $4.95.

While choosing a favorite tune amongst the five songs is almost impossible for me, allow me to provide you a sample of the one I find myself repeating the most. Check out "Get Me Out".


  1. Wow, this is a great post, Kenny Poo! Hope Mama's yogi tells her it's a go soon!

  2. Excellent post Ken...you always say it so well :) Get Me Out is the one I repeat most often, I do have to say all her songs are my favorites!!!

  3. Thanks, Vicki! Appreciate your posting. :)

  4. It's KILLING! With the least of accompaniment, that lady is truly MAMASOX! That next album will fly out of the stores. She is today and will always be an American musical treasure.