Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Daily Weigh-in

Kept the mojo for 2nd day in a row, but still a long way to go, ya know? [Alliteration humor, folks...keep up with me here] Dumped another lb, so now back down to 228 again after my bizarro upward blip that caused me to go apoplectic last Friday.

Here's the numbers:

SW = Starting Weight
CW = Current Weight
TWL = Total Weight Loss
DM = Daily Move (+/-)
TW = Target Weight
WLR = Weight Loss Remaining

Tuesday, 7/31/12:
SW: 238 lbs
CW: 228 lbs
TWL: -10 lbs
DM: -1 lbs
TW: 199 lbs
WLR: 29 lbs

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