Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Album Review: Time Can Change by Seth Walker


Last week I decided to peruse iTunes for some new blues music to see if something would strike me as interesting or unique. After previewing samples from several different albums, one LP in particular really caught my attention and that's Seth Walker's Time Can Change.

From beginning to end, Time Can Change is a wonderfully organic yet graceful blues album, nuanced throughout with vocal and instrumental finesse rather than the typical explosion of electric power-shredding so commonplace in blues music today. Walker instead blends sophisticated jazz and R&B undertones that beautifully accent his gentle, clean vocal timbre that is very reminiscent of Eric Clapton.

On the guitar, Walker is also nuanced and effective throughout. He never overpowers, yet is a presence seamlessly weaving in and out of the melodies like velvety smoke through a fine single malt scotch. It's music for an adult palate, and will be very satisfying to those with discerning taste. That said, it's not pretentious at all, has a nice mid-tempo groove, and goes as well with beer and pizza as it does with fine wine and camembert.

In summary, Walker's album is a top quality compilation, and would fit beautifully in your playlist of jazz, blues, R&B or folk rock. Kenny Poo highly recommends adding this to your music collection, and rates Time Can Change as a 4-star Fuck Yeah. Check out a little appetizer sampling below.

~Kenny Poo


  1. Totally agree with you, dude. Been a Walker fan for years, and this album is my favorite. He's got too much talent not to hit it big. BTW, amazing coincidence...I see you're a fan of Hailey Reinhart. I got a buddy who caught a set of hers out in LA last month and told me I should check her stuff out. She's definitely got the goods, and hot as they come, too. You got good taste, brother!


    1. Tim, great to "meet" you, and thanks for the comment. THIS is why I love to blog. People of common tastes discovering music and sharing their stories. Walker's album I stumbled across pretty much by random chance, kinda like your buddy (and now you) did with Haley. I've had TCC looping in my car for almost a week now. Don't be a stranger, man.