Thursday, October 18, 2012

At Last For Kenny Poo

At 5:10 Haley begins the Kenny Poo dedication

After thinking long and hard about how to start this post, I keep coming back to this...

Holy crap! I mean, holy shit! I mean, holy fuck! I mean...well, you get the idea. I'm blown away, people!  BLOWN AWAY!  


OK, now that I've got that out of my system, let me try and explain what the hell is going on here.

You see, last night on Stageit (a pay-per-view, home-concert streaming site), Haley Reinhart performed songs from her living room for just under an hour to her most loyal fans (Haliens). She sings, we comment on the chat, tip her via Pay Pal or credit card, and enjoy the show on our computer.

So, I'm enjoying the show like everyone else, tipping as she goes, making my supremely clever quips on the chat, and just chilling as Haley delivers gorgeous vocals while accompanied by her talented guitar man, John Notto.

Well, about 3/4 of the way through the show Haley finished singing Let's Run Away, which happens to be one of  my favorite songs from Listen Up! (and if you haven't bought this album yet you clearly have some serious issues and shouldn't be permitted to interact with society).  What happens next would change the fate of the world, nay, the galaxy, nay the entire universe as we know it!

Yes, Haley dedicated her next song, "At Last" by Etta James, to me, Kenny Poo, the same Kenny Poo you've come to know and love!! (OK, tolerate).

Now, if you know anything about me by now you know that I absolutely love Haley's luscious voice, scrumptious gorgeousness, and fun personality. Within the music realm, I love most her jazz, and within that most love her doing smokey, sultry, torchy, sexy-siren jazz.

JACKPOT! This is the moment clocks stopped, time stood still, and dreams came true! Haley sang a song in my favorite Haley genre and dedicated it to me, which I believe is known in many parts of the world as a Holy Fucking Shit!!!

Oh, and then she absolutely, positively slayed it.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you.  The entire show was fantastic. Her voice pitch perfect, she was also fun, loose and playful with John and the audience,. She gave everyone their money's worth and then some, but nobody more than ol' Kenny Poo.

What I love most is knowing that she reads my blog, my tweets, and obviously enjoys what I have to say. I'm not a bot Halien who praises her perfection every 3 minutes, and sometimes my opinions are even, gasp, critical on occasion. That said, I always deliver what I have to say in the context of love and being real.

Of course, most often I'm doing my very best to crack her up, and my humor can, as you all know, be pretty adult and suggestive at times. Clearly she gets that, appreciates it, and hopefully every once in awhile cracks a smile and has a chuckle when running across something I've written.

Bottom line, I really believe in her and care for her, and appreciate that she in some small way has had a positive experience in her Kenny Poo encounters, be they virtual or in person (she got a kick out of signing my flask after a show in Florida - check it here).

Cheers to you Haley, and thank you again for making me smile and feel appreciated. Meant a lot to me.

~Kenny Poo


  1. WOW!! How wonderful! So happy for you Kenny Poo!! You deserve this, and Haley is such a sweety. :-) CC

  2. This buddy will be a "rock star" U heard it from me.. right now..
    U r such a great friend, funny, chatty, smart and.. hmm.. mostly fun.. haha! It was great you got that "Hi" from Hales.. totally deserved..
    Guys, keep reading his blog, which BTW is AWSOME...


    1. Thanks! Not sure I'll ever be a rock star, but I do like hearing it. ;) So happy you like my blog. :)