Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mama's got a label, her Village now can sleep at night

 Crystal Bowersox 2012 L

I'm absolutely THRILLED to report the news that Crystal "Mamasox" Bowersox has been signed to a new record label! Shanachie Entertainment is her music home now, and being a medium-sized, Indie-esque label it's a perfect fit for Mama's folksy, rootsy, soulful, singer/songwriter style.

Mama reportedly has no less than 18 new songs penned and ready to be recorded, and no telling how many more yet to be written floating in her mind. First step, though, will be choosing a producer to work with, and after that pounding the studio with a vengeance. Target date for album release is the beginning of 2013, with hopefully a new single to be released sometime prior.

That means new music from Mama as soon as the next 90 days!

Anyway, I'm so happy things turned out the way they did for her. Mama got to make a great album (Farmer's Daughter) with Jive Records after Idol, but was being pushed to either go more pop-rock or country, neither of which is really her natural fit, in order to fit in with today's pop culture.

As we all know by now, Mama is not that kinda gal. Oh, she can pull elements from other genres and incorporate them into her own music, but, ultimately, for the fit to be right this indie-girl at heart needs to make her own music, with emphasis on acoustic guitar, bass and her sublimely pristine voice singing her heartfelt stories from the soul, sounding the way they were meant to sound, and feeling the way they were meant to feel.

Congrats, Mama. You've chosen the road less traveled, because you really had no choice, because it's who you are inside and one way or the other you were gonna find your way back onto that path again.

Welcome home.

~Kenny Poo


  1. So thrilled for Crystal. The most beautiful voice ever on idol (or most anywhere). And of course--a wonderful songwriter and damn good musician.

    If she was born 35yrs or so earlier she would be a legend by now. So disheartening that the musical landscape is what it is these days. Artists like Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, CSN&Y etc, etc--would probably never make it in this era

    Really looking forward to her cd and hope one day she comes back east. I would love to see her live
    Laura aka @CaseyANews

  2. Thanks for commenting, Laura. I agree, but I also think music is starting to open up to an acoustic sound again. Mumford, Civil Wars, John Mayer, etc. give me hope Crystal can have a very successful career in her genre.