Monday, October 15, 2012

Phillip Phillips: The World From The Side Of The Moon

Very excited to learn that reigning American Idol champ Phillip Phillips will be releasing his debut album, The World From The Side Of The Moon, on November 19th! Even more excited to find out he'll be coming to my "Home" (pun intended) of Boca Raton on December 1st so I can see him perform his new tunes live! 


Ahem...sorry for the outburst. Let me put it more professionally. 


Originally, Phillip said he wanted to take more time, maybe release his album in the January/February time frame, but I think that would've been a mistake because "striking while the iron is hot" is critical to producing a hit record after Idol. Apparently, Interscope thought so, too, and thus the pre-Black Friday release date. With the incredible popularity of "Home", and the fresh memory of his Idol win, I think P2 has all the mojo rising right now, and if the album is as strong as I suspect it will be I think he'll sell a TON of copies.

Phil has said his album will have a jazz/acoustic/alternative rock sound, and he wrote most of the songs himself.  If this is indeed the case, I'm thrilled, as it means a very adult themed record with some real depth and heft. More Crystal Bowersox's powerful LP, Farmer's Daughter, than the cutesy, lightweight pop of Lee Dewyze's Live It Up.

Also, hopefully, Interscope and 19 Management will be smart enough NOT to promote him as a teen pop-idol, but as a new ADULT artist. Being half-ninety, I can't tell you how much it creeped me out watching and reading Haley Reinhart's mind-numbing interviews with Tiger Beat, 17 and other teen magazines as her management team badly botched the promotion of her wonderfully sassy, sexy, retro-variety album, Listen Up! 

Lesson to labels: Never market old souls with and edge to twendy, tweenage Beiber/1D fans, damn it! It's an adult thang! Can't have it both ways!

Anyway, you can now pre-order Phillip's new album at Target and Amazon. Hopefully, it will soon be available on iTunes soon, as well.

 ~Kenny Poo

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