Thursday, March 21, 2013

Idol Top 9, Mama and Phillip

Top 9 week is normally when the American Idol season has really kicked into high gear for me, but this season it still doesn't feel kick started. Very little enthusiasm or excitement from the performances, just an endless parade of sappy, mediocre ballads sucking the life out of my TV.

That is, except the incredible force of nature that is Candice Glover. Holy shit is this woman a powerhouse, and really the only reason to watch the show this season. If there is any justice, she should be on a one way street to blowout victory. Last night was McCartney/Lennon theme night, and she ruthlessly eviscerated Come Together (SEE BELOW) in a performance that deserves to be remembered among the best ever on the Idol stage.

The only other performance worth mentioning was Amber Holcomb's lovely, refined rendition of She's Leaving Home. Not one for the ages, but worthy of admiration for some exquisite vocals.

Ranking the night:
1. Candice - Blew it out da box
2. Amber - Classy goodness
3. Janelle - Fragile and pretty
4. Kree Harrison - Boring, detached performance with pleasant vocal tone (female version)
5. Devin Velez - Boring, detached performance with pleasant vocal tone (male version)
6. Paul Jolley - More sub-par balladeering.
7. Brunell Taylor - More sub-par balladeering.
8. Angie Miller  Nigel's officially anointed Christ Child criminally over-sang and cheesed Yesterday.
9. Lazaro Arbos - Another embarrassingly bad performance that doesn't deserve further mention.

Predicted Bottom 3: Devin, Paul, Lazaro
Who should go home? Lazaro
Who will go home? Devin. Lazaro has at least another week of pity vote to carry him through.

*  *  *  *

Fresh off his stellar performance of Gone, Gone, Gone on Idol, and now done, done, done with his Matchbox 20 tour, Phillip (or P2 as he's now officially trademarked) began his full band headlining tour Tuesday night in Sioux City, SD. One of the songs we didn't get to hear on his acoustic tour was Wanted Is Love, which is among my favorites off his album World From The Side Of The Moon. 

Well, to my delight, the P2 Band absolutely crushed, shredded, jazzed and rocked that fucker (see above). Take Me Away and Wanted Is Love represent Phillip musically better than any other songs in my opinion. Dark, haunting with Jazz accents, they slowly build to heavy rock bangage. Really hope he adds Take Me Away to his set list, too.

*  *  *  *

Crystal Bowersox is now providing a free, full preview of her upcoming album All That For This on AOL. It won't be there for long, so click here to listen asap. It's perfect listen at work music, btw. I should know, being on my third listen through as I type. Keep an eye out for a Kenny Poo review shortly after drop date on March 26th.

That's all from me. What say you?

~Kenny Poo

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